Migrate Your App to a ASP.NET Core Framework

Moving your technology stack, or part of it, to .NET Core is a challenging task involving organizational, technical, and cultural shifts. Whether Java, NodeJS, Rails or Python, rewrites have historically been a high-risk endeavour not to be undertaken lightly.

Migrate Your App to .NET Core

We’ve helped businesses move their outdated, underperforming technology stacks to C# and ASP.NET Core. Our team works to mitigate risk, reuse software, and decouple your tech stack to build the applications in C#. Our tech stack migration and rewrite expertise includes:

Rewriting Your Codebase Is Risky Without the Right Digital Transformation Partner

Without the right digital transformation partner, migrating or rewriting your application is a challenging endeavor.

Even with the right digital transformation partner, daunting organizational challenges remain.

The opportunity costs of not serving your current market for too long is far higher than the cost of building the new software, and even if you had the budget to hire your missing skills, market realities mean you won't be able to hire those people fast enough.

How Techfabric Works With You To Successfully Migrate Your App

Following this kind of plan, you can migrate to a modern C# and HTML5 stack in under 9 months, radically reducing your risk and losses from being out of touch with your customer market.

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