Tech Fabric specializes in building highly scalable applications by leveraging the power of cloud. APIs, Event Driven Microservices, Serverless Architectures and Distributed Systems are some of the things we're passionate about.


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We build scalable, reliable and secure cloud native applications

Unleash the power of cloud ... to create powerful apps and services that empower your business

Cross Platform apps using .NET/JS

We specialize in building cloud-native, cross platform web and mobile apps using AngularJS, ReactJS, .NET Core, C#, .NET, Xamarin and Microsoft Azure.

Web / Mobile / Cloud

About Us

Tech Fabric was created with a goal of helping solve complex business problems by building software applications that scale extremely well on demand and yet are very robust, fault-tolerant and secure. From innovative startups to large enterprises, our unparalleled expertise with the frameworks that are revolutionizing the industry make us the premier development team to help expand and execute your vision. With a highly technical team of Cloud experts, we are at the leading edge of the newest and rapidly evolving cloud technologies such as Microservices using Service Fabric, Docker, Kubernetes, Logic Apps, Azure Functions etc., Learn More...

Web Development

Create beautiful responsive web applications using Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, Node, .NET Core, C# etc.,

Mobile Development

Native & Cross platform mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows using Xamarin, Swift, Java, React Native etc.,

Microsoft Azure

Build secure, scalable services using paas features of Azure such as Cloud Service, Logic Apps, Azure Functions etc.,


Build event driven, fault tolerant microservices using containers, Azure Service Fabric, Docker, Kubernetes etc.,


By helping more than 100 clients build apps and services based on Microsoft Azure, Xamarin, HTML5, CSS3 and .NET over the last decade, we have unparalleled experience in building web, mobile and cloud-native applications that help empower your business.

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UI Design

We help design intuitive interfaces for your web/mobile applications that stand out from your competitors and offer compelling user experience for your customers.

Cloud Native Applications

We build highly scalable and fault-tolerant systems by using modern cloud application development patterns such as Event Driven Services, Microservices, Serverless Architectures etc

Cross Platform Applications

We've built web and mobile applications that adapt to the client devices using technologies such as Angular, React, Xamarin and Apache Cordova.


Over the last few years, Tech Fabric has enabled many companies in diverse industries to achieve success through modern web development processes and remarkable software.

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Get to know Tech Fabric and see why our customers worldwide count on our services to create amazing web, mobile and cloud native solutions.

Leadership Team

Across our offices, teams at Tech Fabric come together with a shared purpose. We believe everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, respectful, and empathetic culture, and we work hard to make sure everyone at Tech Fabric has the support they need to thrive.

Intro to Azure Service Fabric

Develop robust, fault-tolerant and event driven microservices using Azure Service Fabric


Some of our latest blog articles..

Building scalable, reliable and secure micro-services using Azure Service Fabric

Cloud computing has forever changed the way we build modern applications. Cloud gives developers an ability to provision necessary services for their applications at the click of a button without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Azure Service Fabric is amazing!

Microservices are a great way to develop modern cloud-native applications. Traditional approach to developing software applications where the entire functionality is encapsulated into a single monolith, has many challenges as the functionality of the application grows.

Configure dev environment for developing Microservices with Service Fabric

Azure Service Fabric is a great choice for developing applications using Microservices Architecture. It provides a great framework for Service Discovery, Fault Tolerance and plenty of programming interfaces to make it easy for developers to develop microservices.

Azure Service Fabric Gems!

Service Fabric platform continues to evolve and the Microsoft team that’s working on it introduces newer features regularly. We’ve been using Service Fabric in production to develop microservices for a lot of our clients and have come across many gems that I’d like to showcase here.

Our Clients

Some of our amazing customers and partners!

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Contact Us

We are here to help by phone, email or in person. Get to know Tech Fabric and see why our customers count on our team to create stunning web, mobile and cloud-native applications.

1530 E Williams Field Rd, Suite #201, Gilbert, AZ - 85295

phone: (408) 837-3785

[email protected]

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